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Diabetes Chill Mode — the iLet

In my lifetime, there have been so many incredible advances when it comes to tools for keeping blood sugars in “target” as much as possible. I am so grateful for all these things – from rapid-acting insulins to CGMs (continuous glucose monitors), life with diabetes can be so much easier. But the thing is, even …

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Friends for Life Orlando 2023 Recap

Friends for Life Orlando 2023 was truly out of this world! Children with Diabetes welcomed over 1,800 people to the hallways of Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort for a week of friendship, education, and fun at our annual conference that focuses on providing care for those living with type 1 diabetes. From our bustling exhibit hall …

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ADA’s 83rd Scientific Sessions + Children with Diabetes = Where Diabetes Science and Hearts Collide

Two weeks ago several members of the Children with Diabetes team visited San Diego, California, to attend the 83rd annual American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions conference. As a first-timer, I wasn’t sure what to expect but knew that primary audience for the conference was healthcare providers and that the topics would be mostly about scientific …

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Would you try the iLet?
Yes, sign me up as soon as possible.
Yes, but I want to give it some time.
Yes, but only when it is Dual Hormone.
No, I am nervous to give up control.
No, I prefer MDI.
I had not heard of the iLet, need more information.

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Question from United States:
I put in my site before filling my tubing with insulin. I just continued and started filling my tubing. I realized I had not filled my cartridge with insulin first. What will happen?
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